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Certified Partner Theater Presentation Schedule

Discover how Certified Gold and Certified CAM Partners and SOLIDWORKS customers maximize productivity and success. Attend any of the presentations and be entered to win great prizes.

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Sunday, February 9, 2020 (Welcome Reception 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM)

hyperMILL for SOLIDWORKS helps VTR Feeder Solutions increase productivity and reduce outsourcing

Presented by: OPEN MIND Technologies AG
Presenters: Alan Levine, Managing Director
Customers: VTR Feeder Solutions

VTR Feeder Solutions (Vibratory Tooling and Repair) of Grimsby ON implemented hyperMILL® for SolidWorks CAM software to overhaul their product and company. The powerful CAM software enabled them to take on multi-axis machining that simplified manufacturing processes and reduced outsource. Manufacturing has increased continuously since embarking on this technology five years ago.

Electric motor design and simulation inside SOLIDWORKS

Presented by: EMWORKS
Presenters: Ammar Kouki, Vice President & Ahmed Khebir, President
Customer: The Aerospace Corporation

Design your electric motors and study their performance right inside SOLIDWORKS using EMWorks latest feature - MotorWizard. Build common types of motors easily using diverse templates and obtain results like torque speed curves, efficiency maps, flux patterns etc.

Case study: 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud ~ SAP S/4HANA Cloud Integration

Presented by: CIDEON
Presenter: Peter Vandrey, VP Product Management & Rolf Lisse, VP Software Development
Customer: TBD

Based on our current Gold Partner Product we would like to show how CAD Integration to SAP ERP may work in the future based on CAD data managed in 3DEXPIERENCE public cloud. We will demo this based on a case study which we developed during 2019 with SOLIDWORKS XDesign.

How to Shell difficult models

Presented by: IntegrityWare/nPower Software
Presenters: David Gill, President & Gary Crocker, CTO
Customers: Hasbro

Introducing the Power Shell tool that solves one of the enduring limitations in CAD systems! Most CAD systems have problems shelling difficult parts…until now! Power Shell is the “never failing” shelling solution you have been waiting for. Power Shelling handles difficult cases where surfaces self-intersect, shapes bottleneck, tight corners, etc.

High end production Machining with Millturn/Swiss inside SOLIDWORKS

Presented by: SolidCAM
Presenters: Shaun Mymudes, COO and Ken Merritt, Director Partner Projects and Senior AE
Customers: PDQ

SolidCAM leverages the power of SOLIDWORKS for incredible levels of productivity from the most advanced CNC equipment including Swiss-Style, Multi-Axis mills and Millturn machines. Get the most out of all your CNC’s with unmatched power and control using SolidCAM’s leading intelligent optimized toolpaths for maximum production speed and tool life.

Monday, February 10, 2020 (Networking Reception 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

Integrating Dynamics NAV to SOLIDWORKS

Presented by: ATR Soft
Presenters: Francois Simon, Sales Manager & Olli Murto, Growth Director
Customers: Sonaca Aircraft

The CUSTOMTOOLS-NAV connector can automate the items and BOMs creation in Dynamics NAV from SOLIDWORKS. Exporting an entire SOLIDWORKS assembly to NAV is just two clicks away. Preview image of the 3D Model can be exported to NAV item and SW properties mapped to attributes of the item.

Are you getting the full benefit of MBD?

Presented by: Sigmetrix
Presenter: Rahman Jones, Application Engineer
Customers: TBD

Model-Based Enterprises (MBE) rely on the integrity of the data involved. Without correct, functional data, the entire lifecycle can be hindered or altogether collapse. CETOL 6σ provides the capability to quickly ensure the tolerances forming the foundation of the MBE are the correct, thus ensuring full benefit of the digital thread.

Cut Engineering Costs with CADLink

Presented by: Qbuild Software
Presenter: Rey Bustamante, Sales Manager
Customer: ProMach

Data flow from Engineering to ERP is often the bottleneck to Production. CADLink is designed to tightly connect your Engineering Bill of Materials data from SolidWorks to your ERP. With CADLink, you can eliminate manual data entry, save time and resources, and prevent downstream delays by keeping accurate and up-to-date BOM data.

Configure and Automate

Presented by: DriveWorks Ltd
Presenter: Heather Hasz, DriveWorks Community & Brand Ambassador
Customer: Detroit Stoker

Not enough time or people to get things done! It’s time to Automate! Create new SOLIDWORKS Parts, Assemblies and Drawings with DriveWorks Solo. This rules-based software tool is ideal for companies that design and manufacture configurable products. Reduce repetitive tasks, save time, do more!

_Smart Manufacturing in Factories of the Future... Today!__

Presented by: HCL Technologies
Presenters: Marc Bissell, Sr. Applications Specialist
Customer: Decimal Engineering

Factories of the future are using SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWorks to enable the Model Based Enterprise for Smart Manufacturing. During this presentation we'll discuss how innovative manufacturing companies like Decimal Engineering leverage the latest advanced CAD/CAM technologies to gain market share and firmly establish themselves as industry leaders.

Making the Most of Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS

Presented by: Mastercam | CNC Software, Inc.
Presenter: Jesse Trinque, Application Engineer
Customer: Easton Baseball & Softball

Learn what the powerful tools inside Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS can do for you! We’ll highlight the change recognition and associative power of Mastercam running inside SOLIDWORKS, using SOLIDWORKS modeling tools to defeature models for efficient roughing, eliminating handwork using Mastercam’s 5-axis Deburr toolpath, and creating the most accurate, precise parts.